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FAWMA sends out a quarterly report to all FAWMA supporters contained in its database.  If you wish to receive these important updates, contact us and provide your email address so we can add you to our contact list.  These newsletters cover museum needs, updates on exhibits, FAWMA fundraising activities and outreach activities.  (Note, these links will open a separate window and are in .pdf format)

3RD QTR 2023

2ND QTR 2023

1ST QTR 2023

4TH QTR 2022

3RD QTR 2022

2ND QTR 2022

1ST QTR 2022

4TH QTR 2021

3RD QTR 2021

2ND QTR 2021

1ST QTR 2021

4TH QTR 2020

3RD QTR 2020

2ND QTR 2020

1ST QTR 2020

4Th QTR 2019

3RD QTR 2019

2ND QTR 2019

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