Touring Virtually

Welcome to the United States Army Women’s Museumwhere we celebrate women’s history 365 days a year!

Just a click and you are on your way to experience Army women’s history starting at the beginning of our country.

<— CLICK HERE to launch your 360° virtual tour. Your tour will feature artifacts, videos and exhibits that tell the story of brave Army women since the beginning of this country. [Note: a new tab will open on your browser and you will leave this website]

We are excited to launch a virtual tour that showcases the museum after an extensive gallery expansion and complete re-design in 2018. The museum opened with all new exhibits, to include a dedicated space to showcase the museum’s art collection. The galleries contain fascinating artifacts, interactive displays and video presentations. Its modern look and feel provides a wonderful visitor experience.

Through this virtual tour we hope you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibits, take a tour around the outside and visit the new Women at War outdoor exhibit and enjoy the beautiful reflection garden.

This virtual tour was made possible by the generous donations made to FAWMA to support the museum. We thank you because you have made it possible for many people to tour the museum that may never get to the physical location. Your contributions made a difference!

Let us know what you think of the virtual tour. Send us your comments here.

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