Preserve the Legacy Fundraising Campaign

We are in the midst of a major capital fundraising effort to support the modernization of the Army Women’s Museum. This construction project, only partially funded by the U.S. Army, is an opportunity to update the narrative on Army women to show their significant and continuing influence on the military and society.  To ensure the museum remains relevant, the museum views this project as the opportunity to showcase the more recent history as well improve the exhibits of the past. Museum visitors will learn from updated exhibits enhanced with rich artifacts. Visitors will gain the understanding that it is not only women’s history, but Army’s history and, therefore, our Nation’s history. The completely transformed museum has scheduled its grand reopening on November 2, 2018. 

To make AWM’s vision become reality, FAWMA has identified a funding goal of $300,000.  We started in May 2017, and as of the end of June, 2018, we have collected $231,261.  That’s a great achievement but we are still a bit short of our goal that will help the museum to share the great stories of women’s contributions and achievements.  We need your help! Click the Donate button to contribute towards the museum.

Please read a bit about the Preserve the Legacy campaign.

A Peek at the new Galleries


  • Origins of Service – This gallery will examine the American revolution, camp followers, women disguised as men and the establishment of the Army Nurse Corps.
  • World Wars  – This gallery will illustrate how women were the largest manpower reserve the US had in troubled times and how they valiantly filled the gaps. The exhibits will explore the expanding roles of women not only in the military but society, and the tensions this caused.
  • A Permanent Presence  – his exhibit will convey decades of change as the Women’s Army Corps becomes a reality. The backdrops of Civil Rights and Women’s Rights will be considered as the evolution of the WACs is shown.
  • Be All You Can Be  – This exhibit will concentrate on the gender integration with acknowledgement of the bumpy road women traveled.
  • 21st Century – This gallery will relay how the complexities of combat impact the roles of men and women int the 21st century Army.