Preserve the Legacy Fundraising Campaign Results

You Made It Happen!

Back in May of 2017, FAWMA sat down with the Museum Director to determine what support was needed for the upcoming renovation of the entire museum gallery. We knew the Army was providing funds for a good portion of the project, but as with any creative project, we expected there to be some items not covered.

  • Since May 2017, donations have come in from all over. Veterans, active duty, family and friends of those who served, corporate donors and charitable foundations. All made it possible to reach the $300,000 goal! We are overwhelmed by your generosity — your contributions have made the museum gallery a fabulous, immersive experience. The new exhibits tell many stories starting with the revolutionary war and continuing to the present. Scenes are enhanced with the placement of life cast figures wearing the clothing of the period, be it a WAC from the WWII era or a recruit on a basic training obstacle course. Exhibits are brought to life with audio, video and depict realistic settings such as an influenza ward during WWI, an explosive ordnance disposal scene using a TALON, or a helicopter undergoing maintenance.
  • FAWMA thanks you for making the vision of the US Army Women’s Museum a reality. So what did your contributions help fund? Here is a short list of items that were vital to making the museum the experience it is — gallery lighting, voice actors for audio exhibits, life cast figures, CSM Mary Lee plaque, 14th Army Band (WAC) monument, Woman in War panels, Garden Tribute benches, uniform items, and helicopter restoration.
  • We, again, offer our deep-felt appreciation that you cared enough to help tell the history of Army women but also to secure women’s place in this Nation’s future. Not only did you Preserve the Legacy but you also have helped to secure women’s future in the story of the Army.

Rasmuson Foundation
Edward B. Rasmuson
Judy A. Rasmuson
Lile Rasmuson Gibbons
CSM Helen I. Johnston, USA, Ret.
Estate of CSM Mary A. Lee, USA, Ret.
Estate of SGM Mary C. Costello, USA, Ret.
CW3 Diana Russell, USA, Ret.
MSG Kathleen O’Reilly, USA, Ret.
MSG Evelyn J. Ford, USA, Ret.
COL Nancy Buyarski Dunn, USA, Ret.
MAJ William G. Bonnell, USA, Ret. and Mrs. Gaye Bonnell
CW5 Candis and SGM Ed Martin, USA, Ret.
Estate of Margaret A. Cassidy
Columbia Gas of Virginia
COL A.G. Burbank, USA, Ret.
MAJ Florence I. Dunn, USA, Ret.
COL Robin G. Gentry, USMC, Ret. and Mrs. Cydnee Gentry
SSG Rosa Porras, USA, Ret.
LTC Janice L. Atwood, USA, Ret.
MAJ Betty M. Hinkson, USA, Ret.
COL Audrey A. Fisher and CSM Dorothy J. Rechel, USA, Ret.
Ms. Rosalie Roeder
LTC Delinda Creal, USA, Ret.
Fort Lee Spouses Club
TD Ameritrade
SSG Patsy A. Hudson, USA, Ret.
COL Patricia Jernigan, USA, Ret.
Ms. Diane M. Theiss
COL Carol D. Majors, USA, Ret.