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What your donations did for the museum

Thank you for your donations to support the Museum!!  Despite being closed for several months due to the pandemic, the Museum was busy preparing for that happy day when visitors would once again stream through the front doors. FAWMA was in lock-step with the Museum and ready to put your donations to good use.

So what did your donations do? Your contributions enabled the upgrade of the Classroom that has improved visual and audio quality for all the presentations and classes held for the military, schools, organizations and other groups. The classroom was outfitted with larger displays with crisp picture quality, improved audio capabilities with wireless mics, and a better control system. That was a pretty big project and will be appreciated by the many classes and groups that come in to experience the educational sessions about women’s history of serving this country.

Another project funded through contributions was an upgrade to the Museum’s virtual learning system – its Live Studio. The studio is used to provide distance learning to school systems and other groups and was very important when the pandemic drove classes online. The system was upgraded to a software-based web-conferencing standard that met the strict security protocols of the school systems. Monitors and laptops were purchased as well to ensure the system functioned properly. In addition, a part-time professional educator was brought on board to cover outreach efforts, content development, marketing, and delivery of the educational programs. We expect that as the new school year begins in September, Museum classes will be part of many schools’ curriculums where students can learn about Army women’s groundbreaking accomplishments through the decades.

Thanks to you, all this was made possible and women’s history can be shared to a larger audience.

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