We solicit donations for the museum since Army museums cannot fund raise or directly receive financial donations.  All Army museums receive limited funding from the Army, and rely on nonprofit institutions, like ours, to raise money for them.

The Friends of the Army Women’s Museum Association is able to provide monetary support to the U.S. Army Women’s Army Museum because of the commitment and generosity of people like you.

Below are various options to make a donation:

  •  Fill out and print this Donation Form
  •  Mail your tax-deductible donations to the following address:

Friends of the Army Women’s Museum Association
P.O. Box 1027
Prince George, VA 23875

  •  To DONATE online, please click below:

The link below will take you to our PayPal account. You do not need to create a personal PayPal account to make a donation.  You may have to verify you are not a robot for security purposes.