They Shall Not Be Forgotten

The Friends of the Army Women's Museum Association (FAWMA) is engaged in a capital fundraising effort to support the modernization of the U.S. Army Women's Museum (AWM) at Fort Lee, Virginia. This project, only partially funded by the U.S. Army, is an opportunity for AWM to update its narrative on Army women to show their significant and continuing influence on the military and society. This project will allow for improvements to the exhibits of the past while showcasing the more recent history. The transformed museum is expected to open the Summer of 2018. Click here to view the entire details about the Campaign.

FAWMA has identified a funding goal of $300,000. We need your support to make this a success. To date, our campaign has collected over $21,000 towards the $300,000. The very first contribution was a bequest from Command Sergeant Major Mary Lee that was used for the museum art gallery that kicked off the start of this exciting transformation.

We Need Your Help

Women's contributions to the nation and specifically the Army, deserve to be celebrated. The continuing accomplishments underpin the need for more exhibit space and the need for your support. We are fortunate that the Army has funded a significant portion of this expansion, but help is still needed!We are fundraising to cover the costs of the following items:

  • Gallery Lighting – We want all exhibits to be properly lit for visitors to get the best experience. Proper lighting will set the mood while illuminating the cherished artifacts that help tell the story.
  • Audio/Video Solutions – The plan is to bring the sights, sounds and voices to our exhibits. Histories from many veterans, both audio and video, will add depth and emotion to the stories. The quality of these productions is critical to the enjoyment of the exhibits. In addition, the museum will produce a virtual tour to give those unable to travel a chance to see our museum from the comfort of their home.
  • Outdoor Exhibit Area – The Army women's narrative will continue to the outdoors. We will enhance the reflective quality of the garden by adding tribute benches. Panels, with the theme Women In War, will be placed throughout the environment. Each panel will commemorate specific subjects such as Army Nurses, bDesert Shield/Desert Storm to name but a few. A fountain is planned and a tribute to the 14th Army Corps WAC Band.

How You Can Help

You can support the AWM expansion through personal donations, organizational donations, grants, and matching corporate contributions to FAWMA. Should you want more information on the expansion and the fundraising effort, please call (804) 691-0866 or our office at (804) 734-5742 or email


  • Click Here to Make a Donation Online.
  • Mail a check, payable to FAWMA to: Friends of the Army Women's Museum Association (FAWMA)
    P.O. Box 1027
    Prince George, VA 23875
  • If interested in sponsoring items, please use contacts listed above to discuss your interests/specifics.
    Interest in sponsoring a Memory Bench in the Memorial Garden for $1200.
    Interest in sponsoring a Women In War Panel in our Memorial Garden for $1500.