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    • The Friends of the Army Women's Museum Association is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) educational and charitable, organization. Our sole mission is to provide volunteer and financial support to the U.S. Army Museum at Fort Lee, Virginia.
    • We are a "roll up your sleeves and work" group - our Board of Directors are all volunteers-with no paid staff.
    • Our Board of Directors ensures that we are careful stewards of the monies we receive- 95¢ of each donor dollar supports the Museum!
    • The Friends Association solicits donations for the Museum since Army museums cannot fund raise or directly receive financial donations.
    • All Army museums receive limited funding from the Army, and rely on nonprofit institutions, like ours, to raise money for them.
    • Our goals, defined by the Museum Director, are to ensure that the Museum's exhibits, programs and collections are inclusive of all the time periods that Army women have served and accessible to the largest number of people possible.
    • What we can do and how we can operate is defined by the IRS and two Army Regulations.
    • We are governed by a working Board of Directors, in the tradition of the original supporters of Army women's history, who opened a one room museum at Fort McClellan, Alabama, in 1955.
    • The Army Women's Museum is located at:
      2100 A Avenue, Building 5219, Fort Lee, VA
      (804) 734-4327
    • You will need to show the guard a government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license. The guard may also ask to see Vehicle Registration and proof of vehicle insurance. On Saturdays, you will need to use the Sisisky Gate entrance, located at Temple Ave & Oaklawn Blvd.
    • After your enter Fort Lee on Sisisky Ave, take 2nd right on A Avenue.
    • The Museum Hours are:
      Tuesday-Friday, 10 am - 5pm
      Saturday 11am - 5pm
      Closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Federal Holidays
    • Please be sure to know what the Gate Procedures are before visiting Museum.
    • With your generous donations:
    • This year, our Association was able to fund the creation of the first new permanent exhibit since 2007! It features the all-female teams used by different Army units to specifically engage the Afghan female population and examines the role of women in the last decade of war.
    • We are excited to be able to fund a new outdoor statue of a 'Female Warrior' to represent all the Army women who served over the past 10-20 years. It is a tribute to their extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to our nation in defense of its freedom.
    • At the same time, our Association was also able to provide funds to restored the iconic statue, Pallas Athene, which has graced the Museum's entry since its dedication in 2001. She stands majestically?the symbol of the women of the Women's Army Corps. Careful cleaning and a new coat of sealant ensures her beauty for another 20 years!
    • From the donations received by the Friends Association, we will be funding the design and construction of a new addition to the World War II gallery. It will interpret the history of the women who worked with the Army Air Force. Nicknamed 'Air WACS', these extraordinary women contributed significantly to the war effort both in Europe and the Pacific and at air bases around the country.
    • Thank-you for being a generous Friend that makes all this and more possible.
    • Volunteer, make a financial donation, donate historical items to the Army Women's Museum. The Museum actively seeks historical materials such as letters, photographs, military documents and military uniforms to add to their collection. Please contact the Museum to determine their interest!
    • Yearly, the museum director and staff put together a list of their priorities of the items or actions the museum needs, and then provides our association with their list of needs. Based on that "wish list", our association conducts fund raising for specific items.
    • Generally, donations are used to fulfill the needs of the Army Women's Museum.
    • A small portion ( 5 cents of each dollar donated) are used for the associations operations which are required to remain legal both in the Commonwealth of Virginia and by IRS regulations. We strive to be good stewards of all money donated.
    • We work hard, but the Friends Association can't do it without the support of people, organizations and businesses.
    • Become our partner in history and help us!
    • Design and create new exhibits
    • Fund the restoration of existing exhibits
    • Provide the best possible visitor experience
    • Volunteer your time for Museum events and activities
    • Participate in Friends Association fundraising activities
    • Tell everyone about the Museum?so all Army women veterans learn about it!